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How To Start: The Community-Driven Approach To Building a Profitable Tech Career

Make Money From Online Communities

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I started building my tech career in 2017.

And I was fortunate enough to have learned the importance of a community early on.

Taking advantage of the support given by online communities went a long way in helping me.

And with time I learned the power of also building valuable communities.

The average young person wants to build a profitable tech career.

But few even know how to get the support that they need.

I have done a lot of teachings about building a tech career and this year I decided to compile all my knowledge into a book.

Also, I have decided to make this book available to anyone who needs it for Free.

It has seven chapters and I will publish them chapter by chapter on my blog.

In the end, I would compile them all into a book.

There are three things that I hope to achieve with this book.

I want to write a book that :

a) Help readers break free from any foundational issues they may be facing

b) Helps readers understand how to leverage online communities to grow.

c) Helps readers understand how they can start positioning themselves to earn from Day One.

Below are the seven chapters of the book and what you are going to be learning from them :

Chapter One: The Importance of Clarity and How To Get It. ( Published)

The most important thing that you need at the very beginning of your tech career is clarity:

  • You need to know why the career you are building is important

  • You need to know if a career in tech is a great fit for you or not.

  • You need to know how to make your decision on what skill to learn from the numerous available

  • You need to understand some core facts about building a tech career.

A lot of people struggle in the early stages of their tech careers because they lack clarity.

And when the challenges come ( everything that has significance comes with challenges), they take it as a sign that tech is not for them.

I advise you to read this book before you give up.

Chapter Two: Ten Foundational Problems That Can Kill Your Tech Career ( Published)

These problems are not just tied to tech, they can also hold you back no matter what you aim to build in this life.

They revolve around how you see yourself as a person and what you need to recognize and take advantage of any opportunity that you might encounter.

Chapter Three: Skills and Career Paths That You can Follow ( Published)

In this chapter, I will be laying out the different Career paths that you can follow.

But I will not just be doing this, I would address the following in Chapter Three

  • How to pick a career as a beginner.

  • How to transition to tech from conventional careers ( Law, Medicine, etc)

  • How to approach tech as a Builder ( want to learn tech skills for the sole purpose of building a Startup

Chapter Four: How To Find The Right Mentor. (Published)

The topic of finding a Mentor is one that a lot of people struggle with.

I would explain the process behind finding a mentor and the right way to approach the relationship.

The truth is that not everyone successful Techie has what it takes to mentor others.

Chapter Five: How To Build Discipline and Position Yourself to Earn. (Published)

Being disciplined and making money from a skill are two of the greatest problems that people building a tech career face.

If you are not disciplined you can’t put in the required work to succeed.

There are methods that keep you accountable and also increase your chances of getting jobs in the long run.

Read Chapter Five: HTS Chapter Five

Chapter Six: How To Leverage Content and Community To Earn Customers/Clients (Coming Soon)

In this chapter, I would be taking a deep dive into how you can make money from your skills.

You also need to know that making money from skills does not require learning multiple skills.

If you don’t figure out how to make money from one skill, learning three does not guarantee that you would learn.

You need to learn how to sell yourself and I would be teaching that in this chapter.

Chapter Seven: Tech Communities that You Can Join (Coming Soon)

In this chapter, I would be curating communities that you can join.

There are a lot of amazing tech communities out there and joining some can make a lot of difference.

I will also teach you how you can build a highly effective community.

Writing this book in public is something that I look forward to.

I also welcome you to share any insight that you may have as you read the chapters.

It is a community project and you are welcome to be a part of it.

There are two ways to get updates about the book.

WhatsApp ( Recommended) and Via Email.

Use any of the buttons to select your preferred format.